Succeeding After Law School in the New Economy

This succinct, print-on-demand  book takes the reader through the various components of a successful transition from being a law student to being a legal practitioner.  Chapter by chapter, it conveys the attitudes and skills that are necessary for law school graduates to succeed in the current legal market. 

Carol Montgomery, recently retired Associate Dean for Career Development at The George Washington University Law School, spent 12 years advising law students and alumni about their career goals and job search strategies. She’s worked extensively with employers in legal and non-legal sectors, as well as with law school career services professionals, and she has researched in depth what employers today are looking for. She is uniquely suited to help recent—or not so recent—law school graduates find employment in the new economy.

  • Step-by-step guide for graduates and new lawyers  about best practices for interviewing, getting a job, and keeping it
  • A quick reference of the practical information needed to make a successful transition
  • Based on numerous interviews the author conducted with hiring attorneys, associates, recruitment directors, professional development managers, and other law school career services professionals
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