Contemporary Employment Law, Second Edition
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Understanding the role of basic employment and discrimination law in business is essential to good management. The law regulates basic business practices, such as hiring, promotion, and termination of employment. Contemporary Employment Law, Second Edition, is a practical and concise introduction. Speaking from experience in both practice and teaching, authors Fields and Cheeseman bring balance and perspective to hot button discrimination topics. Realistic examples, problems, and hypotheticals illuminate business practice and develop students’ ability to apply the law and find ethical solutions to the issues that can arise in a business environment.
Streamlined and thoroughly revised, the Second Edition of Contemporary Employment Law features:
  • Basic coverage of all relevant aspects of employment and discrimination law
  • A logical organization of employment law that mirrors the phases of hiring, promotion, and termination of employment
  • Incisive and balanced treatment of employment law topics, such as privacy, wage and hour laws, retirement, and employment benefits
  • Examples, problems, and hypotheticals focus on applying the law to real-life situations
  • Over twenty recent and landmark cases are briefed, both state and federal. Cases are edited to highlight key points
  • Discussion of the remarkable growth and change in employment and discrimination law in response to changing economic realities and business practices
  • Significant statutory and federal regulations
  • New cases that focus on ethics in each chapter
  • Chapter summaries that reinforce learning and retention
  • Definitions of key terms and concepts in the margins
  • A glossary of terms
  • A companion website that houses forms, quizzes, assignments, extracts of pertinent statutes, and additional resources
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