The Law Simulation Series: Legal Research and Writing is part of a series of simulated, experiential learning environments designed to provide students with an interactive law office environment suitable for the development and refinement of competencies needed for the real-world legal workplace.

Learn more about the Law Simulation Series and view a demo video at www.aspenlaw.com/experience.

Working as an intern at the Anytown, USA law firm of Murphy, Miller & Dorn the student is assigned research and writing tasks relating to five litigation client files. The simulation provides a realistic environment in which the student may practice and reinforce classroom lessons that require analysis, application and communication of research results. During his days at the office, the student will encounter avatars of a law partner, the office manager, a paralegal and an administrative assistant and learn directly from them how research and document preparation are an integral part of client representation.

Among the skills The Law Simulation Series: Legal Research and Writing will develop and refine are:

  • Development of legal research strategies for primary and secondary print and electronic sources of law
  • Ability to perform legal analysis and legal method in the resolution of legal problems
  • Ability to synthesize multiple sources of law into cogent written argument
  • Competence in the use of proper legal citation
  • Ability to convey legal analysis of a problem in a written form that adheres to the conventions of the legal profession.
  • Ability to practice effective time management
  • Ability to use technology to further client representation
  • Understanding the role of the paralegal in the delivery of legal services
  • Understanding the legal and ethical principles that guide the behavior and conduct of all legal professionals


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