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A concise, engaging introduction to the law that covers not only the theory but the practical aspects of every day legal practice. The first part of the book is devoted to covering the legal system and the paralegal’s role in the law office.  The second part explores substantive legal issues. The book concludes with a discussion of legal research and writing.

Key Features:

  • The clear, engaging writing style make the concepts come to life for students.
  • Emphasis on practical skill acquisition, discussed in conjunction with substantive legal issues.
  • Reader-friendly, with marginal definitions of key terms and phrases, inset boxes that explore various concepts, and chapter features that illustrate and encapsulate important concepts.
  • Excellent end-of-chapter activities.
  • Shorter length and level of material makes this text the perfect choice for Associate’s level paralegal courses.
  • Revised, rewritten, and reorganized, including new chapters on Law Office Management, Evidence and Investigation and Role of the Paralegal in modern legal practice
  • Newly updated cases and statutes
  • Each chapter discusses new technology that has had an impact on the practice of law
  • Hands-on projects for students, tied to the objectives of each chapter, now included in every chapter
  • Web sites references newly updated and expanded
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