Fundamentals of Litigation for California Paralegals, 6E, offers a complete understanding of the litigation process from the time the client walks into the office through to trial and post-judgment, including settlements and alternative forms of resolutions, tailored to California practice. The successful, balanced approach presents a clear, complete overview of the litigation process, without becoming bogged down in so many rules and procedures that the learning process is thwarted. The text's clear, flexible organization allows the instructor to easily pick and choose the areas to cover in the course. Intended specifically for California paralegals, each chapter references specific California statutes and relevant California forms are included throughout the book. 

Key Features:

  • Updated with changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, California Rules of Court, and Judicial Council forms
  • Includes new developments in e-discovery
  • Updated with new techniques for utilizing computerized litigation support systems in preparing cases for trial
  • Updated internet research questions
  • Coverage streamlined throughout
  • Helpful pedagogy includes bold-face terms defined in the margins and in the glossary; numerous examples, charts, checklists, and sample documents; chapter overviews and summaries; and review questions
  • In addition to review questions (including true-false, short answer, and essays, with answers and explanations), the workbook has case scenarios for the student to use in completing assignments for the course and for use by the instructor as case studies in class. 
  • The Instructor's Manual provides answers to the questions posed in the workbook and book, as well as test questions for each chapter with answers and explanations.
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