Constitutional Law and American Democracy: Cases and Readings

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In what promises to become a foundational undergraduate and law school text, Constitutional Law and American Democracy: Cases and Readings goes beyond parsing cases, providing ample background readings and material to engage the big-picture questions of constitutional doctrine and the role of the Court. The vast array of case law and source material is presented at a high, yet accessible, level for undergraduates, and the topical overviews in each chapter bring the law to life with historical and contemporary relevance.

Features of Constitutional Law and American Democracy:

  • Clear conceptual structure for chapters includes:
    • Overview of topics, constitutional arguments and readings.
    • Broad range of theoretical and historical writings.
    • Relevant, foundational cases.
  • Stimulates student understanding of structural and normative features of the Constitution and Constitutional Law.
  • Compelling, accessible text offers a nuanced sense of the Constitution and the political disputes and scope of judicial authority that shapes its meaning.
  • Provocative discussion of topics of current interest, including:
    • Military detention
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation
    • Racial equality
  • Multidimensional, comprehensive picture of the law, drawn from:
    • Excerpts from case law.
    • Concurring and dissenting opinions.
    • Law journals and other scholarly articles.
    • Articles from general publications.
    • Published letters.
    • Documents.
  • Thematic organization links constitutional law to contemporary issues and controversies.
  • Solid pedagogy includes probing, thought-provoking questions designed to enrich:
    • Case comprehension.
    • In-class discussions.
    • Ability to synthesize complex concepts.
  • Instructor’s Manual with suggestions on course structure, as well as discussions, activities, and additional readings.









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