MBE Bootcamp is a comprehensive interactive based training tool that will have you confident and MBE ready in no time. It’s based on the teaching methods of legal study teaching expert Steve Emanuel. MBE Bootcamp tracks your progress and allows you to learn at your own pace outside the confines of a classroom. MBE Bootcamp compiles targeted instructional content and audio explanations. It’s more than simply reading text in an online format.

The Online MBE Bootcamp includes:

  • More than 20 hours of lecture covering all of the MBE subjects broken into major topics with 15 minute units of study. Each lecture consists of professionally announced audio plus matching synchronized slides.
  • Approximately 30 quizzes, one for almost every major topic in each subject. Each quiz consists of 15‐50 MBE format questions. Each quiz concentrates on issues covered by the corresponding lecture topics.
  • Excerpts from course outlines if necessary to review a subtopic in an outline format. Each full outline is purchasable with the MBE Bootcamp print package.
  • A 200 - Question Self Assessment Test. This is a test in MBE format, designed for you to take at the beginning of your study so that you can see where you stand.
  • A final 200 - Question Simulated MBE. This test is designed to simulate the real MBE in content and format as closely as possible. Take this test after you've done the Lectures and Quizzes, when you are nearly at the end of your bar study.

Master the MBE test with the help of MBE Bootcamp.

Combine with MBE Bootcamp print package (ISBN 9780735597358) for hard copies of all study materials.

*Purchase of this product will provide you access to online product and product components for four months from the date of purchase.

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