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Clearing the Last Hurdle: Mapping Success on the Bar Exam is designed as a comprehensive textbook for a for-credit bar preparation course.  This all-inclusive textbook includes substantive outlines on all Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) topics and all Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) topics and is also easily adaptable for state-specific jurisdictions.  Clearing the Last Hurdle focuses on guiding a law student in understanding the tasks involved in bar preparation; giving the student specific suggestions in how to study; and providing sufficient practice questions to improve the student’s skills in answering MBE, essay, and performance test questions.  In addition, it emphasizes using mind maps, which allow a student to make the necessary associations between concepts for better memory retention and recall, to order thinking about each topic.  The book includes practice questions in all three formats—multiple choice, essay, and performance tests—with score sheets to more specifically guide students in how to review their practice answers.   
For-credit bar courses frequently focus on a limited number of topics, rather than all topics tested on the bar exam.  This book will allow professors to choose the topics to focus on during their class while giving the students all topics for their use in later bar study.  The electronic Teacher’s Manual includes detailed mind maps; additional practice questions and score sheets; PowerPoint presentations; and suggested syllabi.  The book could also be used for supplemental bar prep programs and individual study.   
New to the Second Edition:
  • The Second Edition includes all new, more recent essay questions with score sheets.  
  • The recently released Civil Procedure multiple choice questions are also included. 
  • Many of the substantive outlines have been expanded with more details added. 
  • While the book uses MEE and MPT questions, faculty in other jurisdictions have found the questions suitable for class to teach the necessary skills.

Features of the book:

  • Substantive outlines for all MBE and MEE topics
  • Practice questions and score sheets for every MBE and MEE topic and in all formats: multiple choice, essay, and performance tests
  • Directions in creating mind maps to improve memory and to order thinking
  • Starter mind maps included for all MBE and MEE topics
  • Specific exam tips included on each topic
  • Visual illustrations as memory aids for specific concepts in each topic
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual including PowerPoints, detailed mind maps,  and additional practice questions and score sheets on every topic to be used as exams or practice 
  • Specific strategies to lessen anxiety and stress and gain confidence
  • Guidance in formulating a game plan for bar preparation
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