Beginning with an introduction to the main principles and sources of international law, this study guide uses E&E pedagogy to discuss
specific areas of international law, covering a wide array of topics from human rights and extradition, to the law of the sea and the laws of
war. From start to finish, this concise paperback offers a succinct but comprehensive overview of public international law.


  • Meticulously updated: contains analyses of a number of new, important legal decisions at the international and regional levels
  • covers discussion of new treaties, includes more material on extradition, weapons systems (such as drones), and the rapidly evolving area of international criminal law
  • text materials clarify essentials of international law; explain status of various actors operative in international law
  • analyzes international dispute settlement and limits on national jurisdiction
  • examples provide complex questions modeled on real-world problems
  • explanations answer questions and provide careful analysis.
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