Aspen Faculty Services

Expert support to help you prepare for and execute your class.

The Problem:

You want to switch casebooks, but you don’t have time to create a new syllabus before next semester.

The Solution:

Join the Aspen family and let Aspen Faculty Services help you prepare for class.

When you select an Aspen casebook from Wolters Kluwer, you can count on high-quality content and excellent pedagogy. And now there’s an additional benefit—expert support to help you prepare for and execute your class.

Aspen Faculty Services gives you access to a team of experienced developmental and attorney editors who will help you update your syllabus and lecture materials, so you can focus on your research and teaching.


  • You choose any Aspen casebook for your courses.
  • Aspen Faculty Services will provide you a transition guide from your current casebook to the Aspen casebook you’ve selected.
  • Aspen Faculty Services will reshape your syllabus to match the new book numbering and titles.
  • For select titles, Aspen Faculty Services can even give you comprehensive PowerPoint slides that you can modify and use for your lectures.
  • You polish your syllabus and teaching notes, teaching your class from the new book without disruption.
  • Once your class is underway, if you need any additional help, feel free to contact us at and we’ll work with you to solve your challenges.

There’s never been a better time to join the Aspen family.

Make this the best semester yet—for you and your students—with our leading casebooks and the powerful support of Aspen Faculty Services.

For more information, contact your Wolters Kluwer / Aspen Publishers Sales Representati​ve, call 1.800.950.5259, or email