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Law School Tips

A week-by-week guide to your semester

Each week we'll post helpful advice on surviving and thriving in your first semester of law school, from the first day of class right through your final exams.

Week 1: So, You're About to Start Law School
Week 2: The Mysterious Socratic Method
Week 3: Talking in Class
Week 4: Reading Cases: Why Am I Doing This, Anyway?
Week 5: Briefing 101, Part 1
Week 6: Briefing 101, Part 2
Week 7: Briefing 101, Part 3
Week 8: Briefing 101, Part 4
Week 9: Outlining Like a Champ, Part 1
Week 10: Outlining Like a Champ, Part 2
Week 11: Outlining Like a Champ, Part 3
Week 12: How to Tackle True/False and Multiple-Choice Exams
Week 13: How to Tackle Essay Exams

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