LL.M. Program

Providing expert LL.M. content and custom solutions

What can our custom LL.M. program do for you?
Wolters Kluwer is committed to helping professors and deans craft their ideal LL.M. materials by allowing you to create a custom text for your classroom. Through our Aspen Custom Solutions team, we provide access to our expert content while giving you the ability to add in your own individualized contributions. By creating the specific teaching resources you need, Wolters Kluwer can help your students and your program succeed.

No two LL.M. programs are the same – that's why the Aspen Custom Solutions team allows you to combine content from multiple legal education titles, include supplementary materials to reduce handouts, and create a table of contents that is tailored to how you want to teach. No matter how your LL.M. program is structured, by offering both flexibility and pre-create content for ease of use and understanding, Wolters Kluwer can help you build the perfect textbook. Students will have access to exactly the high-quality content they need to succeed, no matter their background, and professors will have total control over their teaching materials.

Pre-Created Content
With Wolters Kluwer's range of trusted content, you'll always have exceptional quality in whatever you choose. But with our LL.M.-specific content modules, getting the subject material you want is even easier. By using the pre-created content modules, you can create a custom textbook or add on to an existing casebook, giving you a range for options for every teaching methodology.

LLM Modules Include:

  • LL.M. - Why an LL.M.?
  • LL.M. - U.S. Legal Education System
  • LL.M. - Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
  • LL.M. - Legal Research and Writing
  • LL.M. - Drafting Contracts Module
  • LL.M. - Strategies for Teaching Foreign Students
  • LL.M. - Exam-Taking Strategies

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