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Customize your perfect course materials

Custom Title As professors and deans we know you have a critical role in shaping curriculum. With the importance of student success at an all time high, you must make critical decisions based on course reviews and new academic standards, while also constantly evaluating curricula, book choices, and teaching methodologies.

Aspen Custom Solutions gives you access to our authoritative content and the ability to add your own customized contributions to create teaching resources that will help you—and your students—succeed, while keeping costs down.

Knowing that one book may not cover everything you need

  • Access to the full Aspen Casebook series library
  • The ability to include your own locally-authored materials

Support in selecting the right materials tailored to your syllabus

  • Combine content from multiple legal education titles
  • Include supplementary materials to reduce handouts
  • A table of contents that is tailored to how you want to teach

Custom solutions prepared and ready for your next course.

  • Work with your Wolters Kluwer sales representative to begin customizing today
  • Provide your students with a cost-sensitive alternative to help them succeed
  • Real ownership over your project including your name and affiliation on the cover




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