Bankruptcy Law

"Process for an overextended debtor to manage debts under court protection." - Bouvier Law Dictionary

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The Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and Problems, Seventh Edition by Elizabeth Warren, Jay Lawrence Westbrook, Katherine Porter, John Pottow ... More
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Examples & Explanations for Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor, Sixth Edition by Brian A. Blum ... More
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Friedman's Practice Series for Bankruptcy by Joel W. Friedman, Jack M. Gordon ... More
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Inside Bankruptcy Law: What Matters and Why, Second Edition by Nathalie Martin, Ocean Tama

This clear and concise paperback offers easily understood explanations that demystify important bankruptcy topics without oversimplifying them.

... More
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Business Bankruptcy: Financial Restructuring and Modern Commercial Markets by Adam J. Levitin ... More